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My budget is only $250. Can I really afford a web design consultant?

The short answer is YES. Of if you prefer the longer, Michael Scott answer YUPPERS.

What is a Web Design Consultant?

First, let’s discuss what a web design consultant exactly is because it’s very possible it’s the first time you’ve heard that term. A web design consultant is a much cheaper alternative to hiring an entire digital agency to manage your website(s) and any internet marketing you are doing. Why is it cheaper you ask? Because web design consultants only hire people to do a specific job on a project, so you get more accomplished without exceeding your budget. Web design consultants do not hire people to drink coffee in a project meeting so they can pad their billable hours. Traditionally, web design consultants have years of experience in web development and have built up relationships with only the best people in the business. Digital agencies tend to have a wide range of experience among their staff - from the junior webmaster to the most senior level developer.

Secondly, What Can You Get for Only $250 That Will Actually Make a Difference for Your Company?

How about updating the page titles to better reflect what the page contains so that your visitors know what you have to offer? This will also help boost your ratings with Google and the other search engines. People knowing what your page is for is great, but the search engines knowing what the page about is even better! Why? People use search engines to find things. The better your website’s content is presented to the search engine, the better chance people will find you.

How Important are Page Titles to Your Business?

Let's say the name of your business is Smith & Sons, Inc and you sell pools, spas and the accessories associated with them. You're located in Prosper, Texas. The first page people come to when they visit your website is called the home page - which you probably already knew, right :) Traditionally, when you create the home page it gets assigned the title of "Home" and sometimes it will attach the name of your company, too, so you might see "Home - Smith & Sons, Inc." Now, having the name of your company in the page title is a plus, but you really want the page title to reflect your services and what you offer first. If you have room for the company name, that's icing on the cake. This is what your home page title should really say: "Pools, Spas, and Accessories in Prosper, TX - Smith & Sons, Inc"

The first thing a visitor sees when using a search engine or seeing a link that’s been shared on a friend's social media timeline is your page titles. How would you like your company to be represented? "Home - Smith & Sons, Inc" OR "Pools, Spas, and Accessories in Prosper, TX - Smith & Sons, Inc"?

The Benefits of Two Decades Experience in Web Design for You

Chris Harrington has generated results for local companies as well as national brands. Call Chris today to talk about your specific needs and how his experience in traditional web, mobile, and social media will benefit you & your company.


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