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The Top 4 Benefits Of WordPress-Driven Websites!

WordPress is one of the single most popular website platforms in existence. It's estimated that over 25% of all websites run on some version of WordPress. For comparison, its two closest competitors, Drupal and Joomla, combine for about 5% market share.

This is no coincidence. WordPress has established a reputation for reliability, ease-of-use, and extremely flexible functionality. It can be used to host blogs, ecommerce websites, corporate websites, and much more.

To get an idea of why WordPress is so popular, let's take a look at the top 4 benefits of websites hosted on WordPress, now.

1. Incredible Flexibility And Customizability

WordPress provides designers with a huge variety of customization options. Because WordPress offers hundreds of thousands of themes, designers and website builders can quickly choose a theme that they love, and further customize it by creating custom HTML and CSS within their WordPress installation.

This flexibility extends to plugins, too. WordPress plugins are available for just about every need - from avoiding comment spam, to increasing the loading speed of websites, and even for enhancing SEO!

Because themes and plugins are so easy to use and modify, building custom websites on WordPress is quick and easy.

2. Google Loves WordPress - Enjoy Better SEO!

WordPress sites are perfect for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Content on WordPress based web pages is usually structured very well, and the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) allows users to easily use tools for SEO like yoast SEO plugin for instance.

In addition, most WordPress sites are updated regularly with blog posts and other information. "Dynamic" websites that are hosted on WordPress tend to be able to quickly generate a good SEO profile. "Static" websites, on the other hand, are not usually placed as high in search engine results.

3. WordPress Is Powerful And Scalable

Whether you're using WordPress to power a single blog or an entire ecommerce network, it's up to the task. WordPress sites can grow with your company, because the entire WordPress installation can be quickly moved to a different hosting service, if necessary.

In addition, robust page loading optimization tools ensure that even websites with thousands of web pages will load quickly - no matter how much your website grows, WordPress can keep up!

4. WordPress Can Be Managed From Any Computer

Managing a WordPress site is as easy as logging into the administration panel, and going about your business. You don't have to access any complex FTP servers, or connect to a specific network. You can manage your website from anywhere in the world - and from any device from a very easy to use dashboard!

Need A New Website? Choose WordPress!

For these 4 reasons, (and dozens of others) WordPress is the best choice for any business in need of a new website.

Are you curious about the power of WordPress? Want to know how a new website can benefit your business?

Get in touch with me at Chris Harrington Interactive today. I specialize in web design and consulting – and best of all, I can talk to you about your web design needs in plain English - no jargon, geek speak, or complicated acronyms!

Contact me today for a free consultation - I'd be happy to discuss your requirements, and give you expert guidance throughout the web design process.

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