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3 Ways to Find a Good Web Designer

Website design can be a tricky business. The right design can drive people to your site, and the wrong one will send them straight to your competition. Hiring the right web designer to create the perfect website is key to reaching your desired audience. Here are three things you can look at to help you determine which designer is best for you.

1. Their Style

Look through your potential web designer’s portfolio to see what projects they have worked on in the past. Do they have an overall style? Does that style match what you envision for your website? If not, have they done websites in other styles? How did those sites turn out? The answers to these questions will tell you if your potential web designer has a comfort zone, and how far outside of that zone they are willing to work if what you want is outside of it.

2. Their Teamwork Skills

No website is complete without people to develop and code it. Find out if the web designer you want to hire does the development and coding in-house, or if they partner with other companies to complete that work. In-house work is preferable for development and coding, but you should not immediately disqualify web designers who partner with other companies to get the job done. Not every web designer is good at coding and developing, and it is much better to for them to find partners who can do that work well than to ruin brilliant design work with a website that does not function. What you want to do in that situation is find out who they work with to complete websites, and what kind of relationship they have with them. If they work well together as a team, it is still a win for you because you are getting the best possible website design.

When you are hiring a new employee, one thing you usually ask for is a list of references. You want to know what a person is like to work with and make sure they will fit in with the team you already have in place. The process of hiring a web designer should be no different in this respect. Portfolios let you see what a web designer is capable of doing. References from people who have worked with a web designer in the past give you an idea of what it will be like to work with them, and warn you of potential issues that portfolios and meetings with the web designer may not reveal. If the character of a web designer is as important to you as their ability, getting references will give you an idea of that.

The process of finding the right web designer to fit your needs is not for the faint of heart. While there are other things you will want to take into consideration during your search, these three tips will guarantee the web designer you choose will be the best fit for you.

Web Designer Chris Harrington

Chris Harrington Interactive is a full-service web designer. From SEO to mobile to e-commerce, we can work with your marketing team to make sure your website fits into your plan.

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