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The Summer of SEO

For a lot of businesses, summer brings a bit of a slow down. Staff go on vacations, clients aren't available as much, etc. Now, there are exceptions to this rule, of course, but this summer might be the perfect time to turn your attention to some much needed maintenance on your own site(s) and its SEO (search engine optimization).

What exactly is SEO?

SEO is basically a broader term to describe how ready your site is to be indexed by the search engines (Google, Bing, etc). Everyone uses a search engine to find things they need - from tractor repair in Des Moines, IA to gourmet donuts in Bangor, ME.

Those search engine indexes happen over time on a regular basis, and if your website is NOT set up correctly, people will not find you for the service or product you sell. People not finding you means business lost to your competitor who has a great, monthly SEO plan.

There are a lot of thigns that go into SEO. Here are some of the easier ones to implement during the Summer of SEO :

  • Great page title and other meta tags
  • Solid H1, H2, H3, tags
  • Do you link off to other pages & websites within your site?
  • Do your images have descriptive alt tags and title tags?
  • Do you have social media sharing buttons?
  • Do you have an XML sitemap to tell the search engines what pages to index?

Now there are some other pieces, too, but they might require a planning meeting or the need to get more people involved. We want to help you focus on some really simple things that can have a decent effect on your SEO this summer (thus, the name Summer of SEO).

Where Do I Begin?

What we are looking to help you take care of this summer is the "on site" SEO issues that you have. These are things that you can resolve quickly within your own site. They are usually the easier to fix and you have complete control over them.

Here's the plan of action:

  1. Contact Chris Harrington Interactive RIGHT now and get your complete SEO audit. The Summer of SEO is a popular promotion, so don't wait long to reserve your spot :)
  2. We then run the audit and get the report back to you within 24 hours.
  3. We explain any issues that the audit revealed, and we give you suggestions that we can fix for you, quickly.
  4. As part of the Summer of SEO promotion, you then have 10 hours of our time to correct as many things from the audit report as possible. Keep in mind that if you have 100 images scattered throughout your site and none of them have alt tags, that might take more than 10 hours, but we will tell you right upfront what we can get accomplished in those hours, and you can always buy more time, too, if you'd like.
  5. Work is done within 30 days of reserving your spot.
  6. We tell Google to re-index your site when we are done.

How Much is This Going to Cost?

You're about to see why this is such a HUGE promotion.

Only $599, and you get:

  • SEO Audit of your site
  • Detailed course of action plan
  • Ten (10) hours of time to correct any issues that are found.
  • Best of all - you get to pay in three easy installments - perfect for summer:
    • $249 to reserve your spot
    • $175 thirty (30) days after you reserve your spot
    • $175 sixty (60) days after you reserve your spot


Payment must be made with credit card. Direct clients only; no agencies or 3rd party vendors, please. I do this type of work for other agencies, but not this promotion.

Promotion begins on May 30, 2021 and will end on July 31, 2021.

Reserve Your Spot Right Now

Because this is such a great price, there will be a lot of interest - take advantage of this promotion today!


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