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3 Reasons Your Website Should be Mobile-friendly

If you've finally just got your website up after months of back and forth with upper management, you're not going to be in a rush to optimize it for mobile phones, but we're telling you that's just what you should do. Optimizing your website to be more mobile-friendly should move to the front of your to-do list if it isn't there already. Here are the top three justifications for taking the time to get it done now.

1. Everyone's Doing It

Everyone owns a smartphone these days. Consider this: 1.2 billion people are accessing the web from mobile devices, more than half of web traffic. An incredible 80% of all internet users use a smartphone. You should assume that, if they’re online, they are probably on their phones. And that's just today's stats. We can't emphasize it enough: you NEED to adopt a mobile mindset now, because EVERYONE is on their phones.

2. Phone Users Access the Internet in Different Ways

While it’s safe to assume that it's the same people behind both mobile and desktop traffic (one would hope), research shows people tend to respond differently across devices. Despite bandwidth limitations, mobile users tend to consume a much higher amount of visual media, with a major focus on short video and images. Case in point is a social media site like Instagram, which has experienced incredible success from offering just video and images. How do you capture this traffic? It requires an optimized design which exploits the power of these media types to engage the end user.

Probably the most compelling reason for you to get off your backside and redesign your website is that mobile users tend to spend more money than those using desktop computers.

Smartphone users account for the least dollar amount per transaction, making small but regular purchases. Want to sell something below $10? Mobile users are ready and willing to part with their dollars. On the other end of the spectrum are tablet users, who boast the highest average transaction value of any device, including desktops.

Need SEO and design tips and techniques? Hubspot has some good advice. Overall, they recommend that you make sure that the entire customer journey from login to sign off is tailored to their needs, responsive, interactive, and error-free.

It's Time to go Mobile-friendly

Contact me today, and we can assess your website's current mobile-friendliness and then come up with a plan to upgrade your site.

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