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Four Different Reasons to Have a Web Developer on Retainer

When someone in business says they have a vendor on retainer, what first comes to mind? Wait, don’t answer that yet; think about vendors you might have on retainer in your everyday life. Lawn care, pool maintenance, snow plow driver? Why do you have them on retainer? Access to better rates, extra services, off hours access, budgeting, etc. Sometimes being on retainer just makes sense, right?

Websites and web projects are a very important part of your business. They are probably part of your marketing plan, and they should be given regular attention. Would it make a difference for your business if you had a web developer on retainer? Here are four things to consider.

1. Easier to budget

This actually might be the biggest reason to do a retainer with any vendor. There’s a lot that goes into a properly functioning website - seo, programming, visual design, data design, just to name a few - having a retainer, which normally comes with a cheaper, overall hourly rate than a project, allows you and your web developer to plan action items. This means you are being proactive rather than reactive.

2. Access to "hash out" ideas

Retainer hours can be used for anything, so if you come up with an idea for your website and you want to know how it could be implemented, you have access to a web developer to talk it through. Some web developers will also allow you to talk about things during off hours if you’re on retainer.

3. Emergencies aren't as expensive

When you have a retainer, it’s a simple phone call when your website goes down, gets hacked, or isn't viewable on the new iPhone. A simple phone call and your developer is on the case. If you don't have a team at your disposal and something happens during off hours, good luck trying to find a developer that isn't going to charge you a premium for being a "fireman for hire".

4. Continuity and planning

When you are on a retainer, most developers will schedule regular meetings with you to keep you up to date on what's going on. This is a great tool to plan strategy to make sure your marketing is taking full advantage of your website, for instance.

What's the minimum amount for a retainer

Chris Harrington Interactive can custom tailor retainers for your website needs. Say you need someone to handle your social media publishing or ongoing SEO work, maybe you've got an email campaign you need content development for, etc. All I ask is that you commit to six months of the retainer. Contact me today, and we can go over rates.


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