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Web Design Portfolio

Great web design needs great programming to make a website come to life. Over the years, I've managed to master a couple major pieces of web design. When it comes to Front End Development, my speciality is the Bootstrap Framework. Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Back End Development is where I work with Microsoft .NET, SQL Server, and other items like API's.

Partner Ventures

In today's business world, some web design agencies do not keep a programmer on full-time, so sometimes I am brought onto a project as the programmer. Listed below are three agencies that I've worked with.

Strategis Advertising in Stoughton, MA relies on my web programming expertise
Web Designer Chris Harrington worked with Onochoko Creative in Warren, RI on a custom Content Management System for local artists
Web Design expert Chris Harrington works as an technical advisor to Aquent/Vitamin T in Boston, MA

Project Work

Click on the images below to view the part of the website I've been a part of. For more details on these projects, contact me today.