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There are many pieces to the puzzle that makes a great website - project management, visual design, programming, quality assurance, etc - they are all very important. We make sure the right people are on the project to do a great job - on time, on budget, and on par with what you want and expect. Click on each service below to read a brief synopsis of what we can do for your web project.

GetResponse, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and other services like those make sending email very easy and affordable for many businesses. But what about the content of your email? Are you using email to market your business or just stay in touch with your current clients & customers? Do your emails look great and work well on all devices? Chris Harrington Interactive can help you with your email marketing, produce the emails for you, and make sure they look great.

Visual Design is not as simple as just throwing some colors onto a PhotoShop layer and callng it a day. Chris Harrington Interactive will work with your marketing department to make sure your website, logo, email piece, etc works with your current marketing plan.

Front end programming is the part that the public sees - the page layout, colors, styles, look & feel, etc. We use the latest technology to display your page properly - technologies likes responsive design, pixel perfect design, HTML 5, and more.

Back end programming is the part that the public does NOT see - the database connections, the programming that pulls in content from various third party feeds, a Content Management System that allows you to maintain your website's content, etc. Not every site requires a back end, but when it does, we consider everything before developing the back end or using an "out of the box" solution.

Build it, and they will come (paraphrased) is not the case with a great website. You must do some Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing in order to have a succesful website. Without it, your dreams of being on the first page of a search engine's results will never be attained.

Most e-commerce websites use an "out of the box" solution to make their website function properly. We can help you decide to use a third party vendor's website for your transactions or actually building a website around a software solution. We also help non-profits with their fund raising capabilities, as well.

You may not have a Facebook, Instagram, etc., account - but a majority of your prospective clients and customers do, and a lot of times that's their main source of information on the web. You don't have to have a presence on every social network, but let's figure out where you can mazimize your time and money for success.

It's 2017, and just about everyone surfs the web via their phone, tablet, or other mobile device. Does your site look good on a mobile device? If not, you might be losing a prospective client.