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Social Media Monthly Retainer Services

At Chris Harrington Interactive, I do much more than just craft gorgeous, visually striking, SEO-optimized websites.

Though I love SEO and web design, I also specialize in comprehensive content marketing solutions – including the creating killer social media strategies based on individual client needs and full service social media management.

My monthly social media retainer services were developed because I know how hard it is for businesses to maintain an active social media presence.

By contracting with Chris Harrington Interactive, you can enjoy all of the benefits of a fantastic social media presence – without having to lift a finger.

What Are Social Media Monthly Retainer Services?

The idea behind my social media monthly retainer services is simple. You choose the type of content you wish to create, and Chris Harrington Interactive works closely with you and your staff to work up SEO-optimized keywords to target your audience with laser-focused precision.

I will then create and maintain your social media websites where your content is used. No social media sites? No problem – I've got your back. I can design gorgeous, interactive social pages from scratch, and populate it with top-notch content that will keep your target audience coming back with bated breath for more.

I pledge total transparency in this process – I will always provide you with credentials to any social media accounts I create, allowing you to maintain control of your brand and your content.

What Does a Standard Social Package Include?

This retainer package includes the following:

  • 50 Social Media Posts – These posts are optimized to be used across any and all social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or even Instagram and more
  • 4 Blog Posts – 500 words each, with licensed images included
  • 1 Email Newsletter – 300 words, with a licensed image included
  • 1 Moz Local AddressMoz Local helps your business maintain consistency of address/contact information across various search engines, boosting the social media profile of your company.
  • 1 Monthly Marketing Meeting – Obviously, we are willing to discuss ideas with our clients at any time. However, each month, you will also receive a comprehensive update on strategy and the progress of your social campaign, as well as ideation and content recommendations for your next content cycle.

What Does it Cost and What's Included?

Introvert Social Package - $499
  • 40 Social Media Posts
  • 4 Blog Posts
  • 1 Marketing Meeting
Standard Social Package - $649
  • 50 Social Media Posts
  • 4 Blog Posts
  • 1 Produced Email
  • 1 Moz Local Address
  • 1 Marketing Meeting
Extravert Social Package - $799
  • 60 Social Media Posts
  • 6 Blog Posts
  • 2 Produced Emails
  • 1 Moz Local Address
  • 1 Marketing Meeting

Our monthly social media retainer packages require a 6-month commitment from clients. Our services are offered at a reasonable rate, and may be customized depending on your needs. We will work tirelessly with you to ensure that you get the comprehensive social media management services you need.

Customization and modification of your social media strategy may require a change in pricing, which must be agreed upon both by the client and by Chris Harrington Interactive.

Contact Chris Harrington Interactive, and schedule a consultation today.

No matter the needs of your business – big or small – we can put together a comprehensive social media content strategy that will help drive brand engagement and grow your business.